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"The greatest undiscovered resources in the world lie under our hats and stand in our shoes."

— Kenneth Hildebrand

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As an introduction to Christine, listen to this audio excerpt from her CD, The Inspired Journey.

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The Inspiration Garden

The Inspiration Garden:
Simple Ways to Grow a Good Life

This how-to guide and workbook is filled with thought-provoking questions and purposeful suggestions designed to help you flourish in any area of life. Doscover how to cultivate the seeds of possibility within you.

Price: $19.95



The Inspiration Garden Audio CD

The Inspired Journey (audio CD)

This 20-minute guided imagery CD is designed to relax your body, refresh your mind, renew your spirit and inspire new ideas. It also includes an additional 20 minutes of music for relaxation and meditation. (Listen to an excerpt)

Price: $9.95 (includes free shipping)


The Inspired Life Journal

The Inspiration & Gratitude Journal

This comprehensive journal has plenty of space for recording your thoughts and insights. It also offers important questions for reflection and self discovery. Count your blessings and watch them grow.

Price: $18.95 (includes free shipping)


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