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"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life."

— Mary Oliver

What's next? Anything is possible.

Life changes are to be expected, even when they are unexpected. These turning points have the potential to positively transform you and your life, Anything is possible if you take the time to reflect and envision.

Are you facing a relationship change, relocation, health challenge, career shift or planning for retirement?

Next Chapter Coaching can show you how to use your unique gifts, experience and wisdom to create a rewarding new chapter in life. Discover how to embrace transition and welcome the best of what's yet to come.

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Next Chapter Coaching shows you how to chart your own course through life change by accessing your own inspired guidance. Through focused conversations, written exercises and guided processes, you will see clearly how you want to live the next chapter of your life and then how to build it.

Next Chapter Coaching helps you answer empowering questions like these:

  • If life were "as good as it gets" what would it look like?
  • What am I discovering about myself?
  • What haven't I done yet that I still want to do?
  • What do I want to learn
  • What gives me a solid sense of fulfillment and meaning?
  • What brings me joy?
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Next Chapter Coaching helps you renew or reclaim those things in your life that may have been lost.

  • Autonomy
  • Life Balance
  • Relationships
  • Personal and Spiritual Development
  • Creative Expression
  • Physical Fitness and Health
  • Purpose and Passion
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Next Chapter Coaching supports you in strategizing a plan to finally do what you've only dreamed of doing:

  • Start another career or open a business
  • Build new friendships
  • Develop additional interests or skills
  • Begin a new adventure
  • Relocate

Next Chapter Coaching can help you find the perfect match to make a meaningful contribution to your community or society:

  • Identify your strengths and talents
  • List your interests
  • Investigate organizations that support your values
  • Create your own enterprise
  • Share your experience and knowledge

Discover the benefits of Inspired Retirement Coaching too!

A common reaction to the idea of retirement is "I can't retire — I don't know what to do." The key to a sucessful life beyond retirement is preparation. WIth insight and planning, retirement is not an end, but an exciting new beginning.

Inspired Retirement Coaching can show you and your spouse how to formulate a lifestyle plan that is enticing and makes sense in every way. Rather than retire, discover how to reinvent your life in distinctly rewarding ways.

In addition to the previous Next Chapter Coaching questions, Inspired Retirement Coaching prompts you to also consider:

  • What new enterprise do I want to explore?
  • How can I use my wisdom to guide and mentor others?
  • Where do I want to travel?
  • As a couple, what are our individual dreams for the future?
  • How can we blend different goals effectively?
  • Will our roles in the relationship change?
  • How can we create a future that allows maximum fulfillment for both of us?

Be bold. Make this time of your life – an IDEAL time of your life!
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