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"The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity."

— Leo Tolstoy

“I am very excited about what is ahead!”

“Thank you for your professional expertise, compassion and for helping me to stay focused and motivated. Your understanding and encouragement were just what I needed to succeed in making the progress that I have. I am now very excited about my future.”
— John, 48-year-old attorney

“It has been the best experience of my life.”

“You have been a very wise guide. Thank you for being there and for the wonderful impact you have had on me personally, on my relationships and certainly on my work in the world. It has been the best experience of my life to have had you as my coach and guide through this process. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
— Francis, 55-year-old business owner

“You are a master teacher.”

“I know I would not have made it to this point without an excellent coach to teach me some skills and to motivate me to keep going even when I was sore, tried, or took a nasty fall. I thank you for being my coach in the 'long jump of life' . . . you made it possible for me to do this work. Your ability to listen reflectively, to ask probing and thought-provoking questions, to help me organize my thoughts and feelings so I could begin to make sense of them, to affirm my small steps forward and encourage me when I slipped backwards, and most of all to constantly show that you care — makes you a master teacher.”
— Sarah, 43-year-old professional

“Thank you for bringing more inspiration to how we live.”

“Thank you for the delightful afternoon of thought-provoking ideas for bringing more inspiration to how we live. Your messages are very well organized, and your presentation is superb. We look forward to attending other presentations of yours.”
— John, workshop attendee

“Thanks . . . for your help this year!”

“Thanks so much for all of your help to me this year! It has been a tough year for me but with your help I have learned and grown so much. I am looking forward to an even better next year.”
— Carol, 45-year-old business owner

“Really beneficial.”

“This workshop gave me the opportunity to explore my inner world and then to express myself more authentically You were great! There was so much food for thought. The questions you asked and the encouragement you showed were really beneficial.”
— Eileen, workshop attendee

“You do an exceptional job.”

“You do an exceptional job of showing me how to focus on my true personal goals by first clearing through the emotional and mental clutter. You have helped me in silencing that inner voice of worry, so I can concentrate on what needs to be done right now, and let the rest take care of itself in due time.”
— Karla, 41-year-old accountant and mother

“I am amazed at the process and results in my life!”

“I am so grateful for the time, attention and nurturing you manage to send through the telephone. I am amazed at the process and the results in my life! Thank you for sharing your caring self and your gifts. It has been a really beneficial experience.”
— Nancy, 55-year-old consultant

“Life seems more balanced . . . Thanks for your guidance.”

“Our discussion helped me to better prioritize my time and activities so that life seems more 'balanced.' I am also happy to say that I have 'gotten off on the right foot' in my new position. I have made a great new start! Thanks for your support and guidance, Christine.”
— Peter, 46-year-old oncologist

“I am truly grateful for the difference you have made in my life.”

“There are only a few people in my life who have, in my understanding of things, helped me make the most of what God gave me. You are one of those people. You gave me the courage and clarity to see what I needed to value in myself in order to have anything of value to share with the world. The life lessons I learned through your gentle counsel are some of the most critical lessons I have learned. Thank you.”
— Karen, 45-year-old teacher and musician

“You are such an inspiring person to be around.”

“Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with us today. You are such an inspiring person to be around! We all felt it! Thanks again.”
— Jane, workshop organizer

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