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Are You Ready to Inspire Your Life?

The Inspired Life offers professional coaching and counseling services, special workshops and programs, written guides and more—all designed to infuse your living with more fulfillment and meaning. Whether you want to “start over”, enhance personal development, enrich your relationships, grow professionally, revitalize your health and creativity or more, The Inspired Life can help.

Life changes can be fun and transformative. They don’t have to be difficult. Even small, mindful changes, in thinking and behavior, can make a big difference in life satisfaction. The Inspired Life Coaching process enables you to access your inner wisdom, enliven your passion and purpose, engage your talents, take inspired action and simply enjoy where life takes you.

Now Available to Help Get You Started!

The Inspiration Garden  
The Inspiration Garden: Simple Ways to Grow a Good Life
is a how-to guide and workbook filled with thought-provoking questions and purposeful suggestions designed to help your flourish in any area of life.

You will also be inspiring the life of a child in need. Book proceeds benefit the Inspire Children Foundation, a nonprofit with a mission to prevent and resolve childhood trauma.

Books can be purchased on or CreateSpace.


Christine Beardmore Christine Beardmore, MA, LMFT, DDiv, BCC is a psychotherapist in clinical practice, a licensed marriage and family therapist and the Inspired Life Coach & Counselor. Her mission is to provide the expert guidance and solid support that you need to step into the inspired life that you envision.

Awaken to the truth of who you really are
And remember what you have come here to do
. . . Invite your inspiration to show you the way.

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